Cruft free domain names

In this modern era where everyone is using mod_rewrite to fashion perfectly presented URIs one of the worst offenders for cruftiness is the TLD. (Thats the bit hooked on the end that says .com or or similar.) This is a necessary evil but it is possible to dream up a domain name that incorperates the cruft into the domain name itself, hence lowering the noticeability and cruftiness. The following are a few examples:

  • A domain name based on eagles could be
  • A domain name based on jackie could be
  • A domain name based on blonde could be

This tool is an attempt to find domain names that can be formed in this way. It searches through a large list of English words and names to find ones that terminate with any of the known TLDs. Just select a TLD from the drop down menu and then "Search for matches". This script finding a match in no way implies any particular domain name is vacant.